Sponsor a Child

We currently have 10 family homes raising 31 children; our desire is to rescue more orphaned children from the streets.

As sponsorships increase we will be adding new family homes to our team in order to rescue more children off the streets and from the garbage dumps. Read more about our FAMILY HOMES

The average child costs $80.00 over their lifetime to care for their basic needs and education. This often takes two “partial” sponsors or one “full” sponsor to cover the cost of one child. So in some cases the child you are sponsoring may also be sponsored by another family as well.

Partial Sponsorship | $40.00/month    Full Sponsorship | $80.00/month


We found Mohogan picking through the garbage one morning during one of our dustbin services. The boy then 4 yrs old, was actually playing with a syringe, along with his 7 yr old guardian. A couple days later when we found him again, and Fran grabbed him in her arms and said, this one I will never let go. We took him for a big chicken lunch and brought him to our house for his first ever bath. We checked with the Department of Children and others on the street, to find out that both boys had lost their individual parents. Pastor Gideon, one of our directors, offered to bring the boys into his house to raise up.

The older boy ran back to the streets, while Mohogan has risen up to be the top of his class. When registering Mohogan into school, and no one yet knowing his last name, Gideon used Francine's surname!! Mohogan is a real typical boy from the Turkana tribe, lot's of energy, stubborn, and has become the joy of his new father.

100% of your donation is going towards the care of children in Kitale. The child that you are sponsoring is not directly receiving your money, but the money you donate is going to their home for food, clothes, schooling, medical needs, etc, and for some, eventually to their college or university. These finances also provide for our African staff that oversees the care of our family homes and the children entrusted to them. As a result the employment benefits the staff member’s families and their economic situation for the good.

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