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Pastor Dave's Trip to Brazil

Sep 22, 2016

Some notes from Pastor Dave's time at the World Pentecostal Conference in Brazil.

  • The Conference was held in a brand new Pentecostal church in Sao Paulo, seating 8,000 people, pastored by Rev. Dr. Jose Wellington Bezerra de Costa. Brazil has 27 million registered Pentecostals, and is impacting the entirety of South America.
  • I had the privilege of representing OBFF and Canada as part of the Executive planning team for the 2019 World Pentecostal Conference to be held in Calgary where Canada invites the world. In one of the evening sessions Reinhard Bonnke spoke about his call to ministry.
  • On the last night’s evangelistic rally we were in a military airstrip, with over 100,000 Brazilians in attendance. What a site to see 8,000 children march in, filling the front of the stage, singing praise to the leadership of orchestra and choir. They had anticipated 250,000 but weather played a part in being able to bring that about. It was great to see spiritual family from every nation represented, and to be able to meet and fellowship with some of God’s choicest servants.

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