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Kevin leaving for Mexico tomorrow

May 11, 2015

The translation team is cruising through their draft of the Gospel of John and are 56% through the 879 verses of that book—last update they were at only 31%. My work these days is focussed on processing linguistic data from my last Mexico trip and preparing for my next one. We booked the ticket this week and I will leave on May 12 and return on June 2.

The major translation goal of the trip is to put finishing touches on Genesis 1-11, which we hope to publish as a booklet this year, including reading it through with someone who didn’t work on the translation and seeing how well they understand it. Pray that we will find the right person to do that with, as it can be quite intimidating for most people. I also hope to do a little more revision in Luke and train the team in using the Linux operating system, since we are switching our older translation computers over to Linux. Of course, there will also be linguistic data to collect. Pray that I will have wisdom in deciding what to collect and how to collect it.

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