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Kevin Penner Update

Dec 15, 2014

Kevin is now back from Mexico...

"It's always a blessing to experience God's grace enabling and working out the details of my Mexico trips and this trip was no exception. One special blessing was how God enabled me to get the satellite Internet fixed! Miguel and I have already been in contact with each other since I left the village using Skype and email, and it's so good to be able to stay in touch! I'm going to save the rest of the trip details for a later report.

Praise It...ems - Safety! - Satellite Internet fixed - Translation progress - Our Mixtec friendships - Financial provision

Prayer Items - Finances - it was an expensive trip - Violence and Political unrest in Mexico - Continued "evangelization" by the JW's in the Mixtec area

We wish you grace and peace as you celebrate how God wrote himself into the story in the stable in Bethlehem. Hallelujah, what a saviour!"

Grace and peace, Kevin

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