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Kenya Sponsorship Story - Timothy

Nov 17, 2014

This is Timothy, or as we like to refer to him, Tim Tim, back with his relatives Boaz and Caroline, who are his first Uncle and Aunt. Tim Tim loved getting a chance to visit his Uncle's home during the children's Christmas holiday. However they did not have the financial means to raise another child, along with the twins and their first born Joshua.

When asked if they would be interested in raising Tim Tim, if we helped with covering the cost of education and contributing some monthly support to help out, we received an enthusiastic "Yes certainly".

Tim and Joshua have become best friends now, and Tim Tim really loves being part of a genuine family. As a side note Boaz was the first Kenyan I (Larry) befriended here in Kitale 6 1/2 years ago. He is a diligent worker and great family man.

The family is moving next month, onto a small plot of land they have managed to purchase. We have helped a bit with the building of their new house.

Above is a picture of Tim Tim receiving a package for him and his siblings from Canada. In the picture: Caroline (far left), the twins: Gift & Blessings, Boaz, Joshua (same age as Timothy), and Timothy (far right)

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