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Kenya Sponsorship Story - Morgan

May 7, 2015

After numerous attempts to get into college/university, some caused by Morgan's lack of responsibility, others because of the unpredictable Kenyan education system, he finally has entered into a medical school, here in Kitale.

It is still uncertain, and he does not know it yet, but we are considering having him live with us (Larry & Francine), due to the cost of boarding.

In the picture: Morgan is in the front right. Fred Wamalwa on the left, he is next in line for post secondary education.

Below is a piece from the thank you letter that Morgan wrote to Larry & Francine...

"I am nothing special, of this am sure. I am a common man with normal thoughts. There are no monuments dedicated to me and am just like any other person. But I have live part of my life under the love, care, concern and gentleness. I have been treated special regardless of my race, color or social background or status. Dad, mama … you are heaven sent to me. You will always be my parents no matter how far you will be for that’s what my heart knows. From you I have known that love desires to benefit others at the expense of self…Instead of self-pity you made me have self-confidence and a sense of belonging. Mama you don’t always talk much but your actions speaks millions of tender words of love and care. I will never forget the swimming lessons and countless gifts, I love you mama. Dad, am in college now. No words could express how I feel. Thank you so much papa. You made my dreams come true when no one could, when those I trusted turned their back on me.

I admire some people for their brilliance and I respect others strength but I am indebted to you who brings people out of ashes and make them admirable in the society. Just know that every time you extend hospitality to people you are not trying to impress them but you are trying to reflect God to them. May God who sees in secret bless you. Am very thankful that am in college now…. Thanks in advance…..Morgan."

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