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Kenya Sponsorship Story - Christmas

Jan 15, 2015

We had a blast with our kids and their new families. We also had our staff and all their families with us, as our household has continuously been involved with our kids, and know most of the new families in the ministry now.

We had just over 90 people over for a full day of fun food and fellowship. The kids were so happy to see each other, some had not met for over 6 months due to university. There was plenty of gifts for everyone, which was partly distributed through a big game of modified Bingo.

A big thanks to HCS which raised enough money to buy good new shoes for all our kids, and also a pair of good used shoes for all the other children in the new families.

Pastor Gideon’s family did all the cooking, all of it on open fires or charcoal type stoves. We were also able to send each family home with 45 kg of maize, some cooking oil and a couple chickens.

Some of the new families were in tears and could not believe the generosity of our donors. One father commented, referring to the local culture here that “most people would just pocket the majority of the donated money”.

So thanks to the many donors outside KCC and the regular giving from within, we were able to provide something many tend to take for granted at Christmas, a good meal, a gift, and a loving family.

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