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Amy Thompson - Update

Sep 9, 2014

Amy Thompson is currently in Central Asia on a Missions Trip and here is an update...

Hello! It's so exciting to be in Central Asia! Time is flying by quickly and out of my eight week stay, only three and a half weeks are left. I've been having an incredible time here with my seven fellow team members and our leaders. We've been able to make friends with many of the locals here, and are really enjoying our time here. Though it is sometimes difficult to know how to reach out to the people around us, God has been doing amazing things through the simple acts of saying hello, having a cup of tea, or stopping in a small shop to talk when there are no customers. We've had cooking lessons, played soccer, gone swimming, and simply sat over a quick cup of tea as we meet and love on the people here.

Please continue to pray for my team and I in our last few weeks here, we are so blessed to be here in this time!

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