Getting Involved

Here are some ways you can get involved in making a difference…

Prayer can make a difference! Visit our News & Updates page to stay informed of what to prayer for.

  1. Stay informed on what’s happening on the field and with our missionaries through our News & Updates page or our Facebook Page. Share with your friends and others about the good reports and prayer requests.
  2. A big way to make an impact on our missionaries is to send them a quick e-mail or an encouraging word. Visit our Missions Committee directory to find their e-mails.

Throw a fundraiser in your school or community to raise support for any of our projects that touch your heart. Contact us and we will help you promote it!

Partnering with us through financial support is another way to see impact made in the lives of those we are touching around the globe. Donate Now

Sponsor a Child in Kenya and you will be providing them with food, clothes, a loving family home, education and medical care. For more information visit Sponsor a Child.

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