About Us

Building Beyond Borders is the vibrant missions ministry that champions the cause of less fortunate people in our local community and around the globe. It does so by identifying the needs of humanity and seeks to cultivate awareness of how you and I can partner together to make a difference, compelling us who are in a more fortunate community to take action today.

BBB has a 32 year history with millions of dollars invested into community change around the globe. From building schools to flood and hurricane relief – from adopting orphans to investing in community and church leaders –from micro loans to establishing kingdom business – your investment has been changing families.

We believe that through strategic alliances, personal and corporate investors and people that are called to ‘go,’ we WILL make a difference.

Ed Berk
Director of Building Beyond Borders

The Missions Committee is made up of experienced team members who have been personally involved in or are currently overseeing a missions initiative.

They meet once a month to: bring updates and discuss the direction of our missions endeavors, maintain awareness of the finances, approve any monies released or new projects starting, and plan and strategize for further global impact.

Committee Members

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Directors / Admin

David Kalamen
Founder & Asia Representative
Email: dave@kcc.net
The DNA of missions in KCCS was birthed through the vision and heart of David. Through his heart for mission and strong gift set, he has provided keys to unlock many mission initiatives and develop strategic global relationships. He is currently hands on in building and equipping leaders predominantly in Asia and Mexico.

Ed Berk
Executive Director
Phone: 250-762-9559 ext 212
Email: ed@kcc.net
Ed has been involved in local & international missions since 1989. His passion includes exposing people to life changing opportunities through the Gospel, and developing strategic community development projects that will impact families, regions and nations.

Sera DeKoning
Phone: 250-762-9559
Email: sdekoning@kcc.net
While attending the Ministry Training Institute, Sera discovered her passion for mission and participated on a number of missions trips. She has a heart to serve our missions endeavors in practical ways and has been working in administration for Building Beyond Borders since 2008.

Field Reps / Committee Members

Clint & Dianne Eccles
Mexico Representatives
Email: clinteccles@shawcable.com
Clint and Dianne have been involved in our Mexico missions field since 1989. Every year they travel to Mexico to build relationship and bring support, wisdom and encouragement to the church leaders. Their heart is to nurture, equip, empower and liberate God’s people, in order to advance His Kingdom.

Larry Carruthers
Kenya Representative
Email: larry4africa@gmail.com
Larry has served on the BBB Missions Committee since 1994. Larry and his wife Francine are currently living and serving in Kitale, Kenya where they are training up leaders, taking care of orphaned and poor children, and providing free medical care to the sick who cannot afford it.

Ryan & Judy Sawatzky
Asia Representatives
Email: judysawatzky@hotmail.com
Ryan and Judy are directors of Ethnos Ministries. They serve hands on in many countries in Asia each year. They train and equip pastors and leaders throughout some of the most hostile regions in Asia. Along with leadership training, they also resource benevolent projects that bring hope to those in need.

Fred & Val Ilyin
Committee Members
Email: newmanna@telus.net
Fred and Val are founders of New Manna Ministries. Their main focus is helping the orphaned and poor in Russia and Tanzania, Africa. They have multiple centers in Russia helping poor street children, orphans and rehabilitation centers for drug and alcohol addicts. In Tanzania they are currently feeding and schooling 145 orphaned and poor children.

Brandi Watson
Committee Member
Email: branswatson@hotmail.com
Brandi has a long 8 year history of serving and equipping young adults into Mission through Youth With A Mission (YWAM). She has a heart for the Muslim nations of the world and has been on and lead many missions trips abroad. She is currently living in Kelowna and serving the committee with her passion and insight into the world of mission.

Heidi Reid
Committee Member
Email: heidipreid@gmail.com
Heidi has a passion for the nation of Canada and desires to see a generation mobilized to make a kingdom impact in this nation. Her passion has stirred her to be part of teams that have gone to parliament, petitioned government and been a voice for those with no voice. She has served the committee for the past three years.

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